Working with Bloggers: Compensation

Often we see businesses who want to work with bloggers but honestly don’t go about it in the best way possible. If only we had a dollar for every time we were expected to share a promotion or cover an event – because we’re bloggers and that’s what we do right?  Let’s say your business is selling widgets – if we came into your place of business and demanded widgets would you feel like we were doing you a favor or like you were being robbed? But you provide widgets, that is what you do right? So why shouldn’t you just give us your widgets

Think about it – do YOU work for free? At the end of the day when you want a blogger to promote your business you want a service from them and you see a value in that service. Think of what your end game is in wanting that blogger’s service – you want that word of mouth advertising which turns into customers and turns into profits – you want to make money as a result of getting a service from bloggers so why would you expect them to want any less for providing that service.

When working with bloggers it is important to keep in mind the time and effort that will go into your promotion. An instagram post for example is not just the 30 seconds it takes to upload the post. It involves developing a concept, scouting the right location, having a photo shoot, uploading and editing the photo, creating an engaging caption, uploading to instagram, responding to comments and questions to capture audience engagement. In short – that one instagram post can represent hours of work – and a blog post takes even more hours. In addition the blogger’s own time they may work with other professionals to create posts that are included in their rate – for example many bloggers work with professional photographers.

Working with bloggers can bring a lot of value to a business, but in turn it is important for business owners to understand that value to truly build a successful relationship. There’s two main ways of compensating bloggers – providing a product or service that is of value to them or paying them with money. Providing monetary compensation is simple– you have a budget and work with the blogger to negotiate services within your budget. Providing product or service trade compensation can be complicated – Notice we said what you are offering must have value to the blogger – because this is a complicated matter we will discuss trade compensation specifically in next week’s post.