The Cost of Blogging

One of our goals here at Memphis Blogger Collective is to get away from the secrecy behind blogging and have open and honest conversations on how bloggers and businesses can work together. So we would be foolish if we didn’t discuss that money is an important factor for both businesses and bloggers. We often see confusion on bloggers rates, especially from those who are new to working with bloggers so we want to talk about what it cost to be a blogger.

Technically anyone can start a blog, and starting a blog doesn’t have to cost very much. There are free sites available and of course social media sites are free to use. Think back though when you started your business – if you have a website you most likely purchased a domain and pay a hosting fee, you might have commissioned a website design and logo – bloggers do the same for their sites. While anyone can have a facebook or instagram account for free Facebook just like us is a business and develops their algorithms in a manner which encourages businesses on the site to use advertising and promotion services. Accessing these sites takes an internet connection and having a device to connect with. Creating content requires a quality camera – either a newer model iPhone (or comparable phone) or DSLR camera – these photos are often edited for brightness, clarity and color using editing software that requires a one-time purchase or monthly subscription and this is if a bloggers has someone who can take their photos, often bloggers find it necessary to work with professional photographers to produce quality content. Getting to photo shoots and blogger events takes public transportation or use of one’s car and gas. 

In your business your prices are not the same as your profit because you have built in your overhead cost – bloggers do the exact same thing. When thinking about blogger partnerships and compensation remember that bloggers are business owners just like you and just like you they have costs that need to be covered before they begin to receive compensation for their time. In our last post we talked about trading services with bloggers – while we do see bloggers who are willing to trade services we want to remind you here that when a blogger engages in a trade partnership they are covering the cost to produce the content. We don’t say this to discourage you from working with bloggers if you have a limited budget but just something to keep in mind as you interact with bloggers and yes, an ask for you to be reasonable in your request.