Social Media Presence

Would you ever not say hello, goodbye, thanks for coming in or some other polite exchange with a customer in your place of business? Of course you wouldn’t – so why are you doing that online? If you have a great product (which of course you do, right?) than people are going to be talking about it. While you can’t know what every single customer is going to say to their friends in person you can be part of the online conversation – both with bloggers and your non blogger customers who post on social media and you can act in a way that makes the instagram algorithm work in your favor.

Here’s the instagram algorithm in a nutshell – each post is typically shown to a very small portion of the posters following when it initially posts – those individuals basically “vote” if the post is good and should be shown to a larger percentage of the posters following. Those votes occur in the form of likes and comments – the more a post receives the more instagram will determine the post to be a good post that more users will want to see. If your business is tagged on instagram unless the photo is just absolutely terrible quality or the post is negative about your business it is in your best interest to “vote up” the post so that it will be shown to more users. Also, it’s just the polite thing to do – not only has this person posting spent their time and money on your business but they have shared it with their friends, don’t you think that deserves saying thank you?

You do not have to be online or glued to your phone all day long – but do check in from time to time and like and comment any posts your business is tagged in – it really does not take very long. If you remember the individual and want to post something specific to their visit that’s great but if you don’t just a “thanks for coming in” or “love how you styled this” will do. Always respond to comments left on your own instagram and facebook posts – this boosts the post for more views and allows you to make better connections with your customers.

I know what you’re thinking – well if I engage with a blogger won’t that just encourage them to pitch to me? To be perfectly honest, yes it might. First off, if they do pitch to you hear them out – they might have a great plan for helping you reach a new audience. But if you are simply just not interested you can politely say no – remember that bloggers are still customers too and have shown an interest in your business – there’s no need to be anything but kind in your interactions.